Our Ministries

Our ministries are an important and integral part of our church community. Whether you are a student, single or married there is a ministry designed for you. Please read about our ministries and consider becoming an active member of our community of faith.

menMen’s Ministry(Brother’s Keeper)

Meets 1st Tuesday of each month

ladyWomen’s Ministry(Let’s Talk Girls )

NCC Women’s Ministry is a life-impacting ministry to women, by women, and with women focusing on the transformation of their hearts resulting in living the victorious lives of Godly women.

youthlogoYouth Ministry(IMPACT) 

From birth to 12th grade,NCC’s Youth Ministry assists parents in shaping their children so that they will grow into well-rounded, faithful members of the Body of Christ. We want our youth to develop an early awareness of their significance in the earth and to begin, regardless of age, walking boldly as Christians and impacting the world.

marriageMarriage Ministry

Marriage is a divine institution entered into by two individuals of the opposite sex who make a commitment to God to live with another imperfect person for the rest of their lives It is an earthly example of the relationship we have with Christ as those who believe.

Although marriage is a divine institution, it still takes dedication and work. A good marriage will not happen by chance. It requires intentional investment.

Marriage enrichment is for individuals that are already married and have a desire to strengthen your relationship with their spouse. We would love to see you at our marriage enrichment events. You’ll have fun with your spouse and learn some “do’s and don’ts” from our leaders and other couples who are seeking to make God smile.
Please contact us if you have any questions about our ministries or would like to know about other opportunities to serve our community that may not be listed here.